Thursday, September 18, 2008


So here it is the third day after meeting Meika. It is truly remarkable how well she seems to be adjusting. She sleeps through the night (score!), wakes up smiling and does not appear to be grieving her departure from the orphanage at all. She knows who the Mama is, totally loves Lily, and copies everything she does (which isn't really a good thing) and is content and loving towards my friend Pegeen as well, but does seem to know which one of us is the Mama.

She laughs a lot, loves to be tickled and loves to cuddle. She knows how to feed herself, but isn't eating much at all, she only seems to want the bottle of rice cereal and formula mix. Any suggestions out there? The first day after I got her she ate pretty well, but today she doesn't want any food at all...except to play with it, she loves to get the spoons and a plate while we eat and practice eating without really getting much in her mouth. And when I try to feed her she laughs and shakes her head and turns away.

While we are in the hotel room she is very comfortable and plays alone well with the stacking cups and coloring book, or with Lily of course. But if we are out and there are other people around she won't let me put her down for even a second. The only time we have seen tears was when she was in the stroller and myself, Pegeen and Lily were all behind the her and none of us was talking, she didn't know where we were and started to cry, but once she saw me and I reasurred her, she was fine. She wants to know where we all are and if one of us gets up from the table at breakfast she will look around until we come back.

She throws herself at my legs and hugs me and if she is sitting on my lap she will through herself at my chest arms outstretched and try to hug me. If Lily throws out her arms Meika will run into them and give her a big old hug. What a sweetie!

She has a lot of energy and her personality seems to be a very happy one like her big sister. What a blessing these children are!


Denise said...

How wonderful! Maggie was the same way...out and about she was clingy and shut down, but back in the room, watch out!

I posted a picture of the sweet sisters on my blog...hope that is ok, if not, e mail me and I will remove.

I also had a friend travel with me and Maggie thought we were both Mama, but then when we were home it was an easy transition to knowing that I was Mama and meeting all of her needs. They still share a special relationship, but she knows who her Mommmy is for sure!

Hugs from home~

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
My Anna from Sichuan was just like Meika. Understood very clearly that I was Mama. Very happy to be in her new family.

Lily and Meika are beautiful girls.

Thrilled you finally have your Sichuan sweetie.

Marye from adopt Chengdu