Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Build a Bear Visit

Our Build a Bear Visit.

Thanks to a gift certificate from our friend Becky, the two sisters had a delightful first time at Build a Bear. Meika chose a cuddly teddy and picked out a Hello Kitty t-shirt for it. Lily chose a husky dog and a purse for her critter. Both girls enjoyed themselves to the extreme as is evidenced by these photos. Meika's teddy fast became her sleeping buddy. We also went for pizza and had a great day. It was a fun reward after both girls had gotten flu shots at the doctor's earlier.

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Beverly said...

what fun.

Kara said...

How adorable :) That was a great gift...and I was kind of jealous. I want a bear! haha

christine said...

Mine has the same teddy as Meika. I bought it for him and sent it to the SWI ahead of time. The bear's name is Xioa Xiong (little bear). He loves it. The picture made me smile. --christy from the SAC group