Monday, September 14, 2009


On September 8th, Lily became nine years old! Wow, where has my baby gone? We celebrated quietly at home the day before with a chocolate-chocolate cake and she opened gifts from her Grammy, Miss Nan and Mama and Meika. Grammy sent several gifts, but the most special is a brooch that Papa Dewayne had given to Grammy that belonged to his mother of a most beautiful dragon with pearls and turquoise, both Mama and Lily had a time of it keeping the tears from their eyes since Papa Dewayne has been gone from us now for three years. Lily having been born in the year of the dragon also makes the gift quite cool!

Miss Nan sent her always beautifully wrapped gifts, she has added to the sea shell collection she started for Lily a few birthdays back and sent some exceptionally beautiful specimens along with a book to identify the shells. She also sent another of the huge box of crayons, which is fortunate, since Lily had decided that her little sister didn’t need so many crayons when she got a box like it for HER birthday and had absconded with half of them. She sheepishly retrieved her sister’s box and replaced it. Does M
iss Nan know this girl or what?

From Meika she received a whole pile of books and declared that her sister really knew how to pick out some good books (and the Mama just happened to hit a dollar sale at Borders too). From Mama she received a new WII game to play together (if the Mom ever finishes this years drawings for Corning and can do some fun stuff), and several new outfits which included a real silver necklace that Lily had admired one day while out shopping.

She would have like to have her friend Rya over for a sleep over since she has been bugging the Mama for years to have a sleep over, but having just gotten back from the memorial service in Ohio for Kim’s dad, we didn’t have time to plan it despite the cries of ‘NO FAIR’ from the birthday girl (and the Mom just didn’t have the energy to stay up all night refereeing). So that will have to be sometime in the near future.

Happy Birthday sweet daughter, I’m glad you are mine!!

©KKW 2009


Jill said...

She is absolutely lovely!
AND, so grown up!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday, Lily! I've always thought dragons were lucky!