Monday, August 24, 2009


Meika celebrates her third birthday today, her first with her family! On Sunday our friends Jennica, Rya and Teak came over for cake and gift opening. Meika received a very lovely Ling doll from her friends, one the Mama had read about and admired before they ever came out. Even Lily, who is not fond of dolls, decided that she could make an exception for that one, so the Mama had to place Ling up high for her own protection.

From her Grammy, Meika received some wee dinosaurs that grow when they are added to water, an alphabet puzzle, which she and Teak immediately set to putting together, a very cute glass alligator which had to be quickly put ‘back to bed’ in its box so as not to loose any limbs, a sweet little heart box filled with M & Ms which Meika generously shared with her party-mates and the flamingo plates and napkins which we were using to serve the cake.

Miss Nan, a friend of Mama’s from
the old days at Colonial Williamsburg, sent the biggest box of crayons any of us had ever seen, plus two brand new coloring books, yummy animal crackers and the most beautiful dress up shoes, tutu, crown and wand, all of which Meika wanted to sleep in that night.

From Mama and sister Lily, she received ‘Ni Hao Kia Lan’ toys, a real find since they are normally somewhat hard to get hold of, but we hit the local Target just at the right time one Saturday and sc
ored two play sets, a bubble maker and a DVD.

So, all in all, quite a haul for one so young. Last Christmas, Meika having only been home with us for three months, the concept of presents was a new one and though she was happy to play with the resulting toys, the idea that they were just for her was one she didn’t quite grasp. Not so this time around, she got that the brightly wrapped presents were for her and her alone. She realized that she was suppose to rip off the pretty paper to reveal a hidden treasure; and no help from anyone, thank you very much. Though very willing to share her treasures once unwrapped, the actual unwrapping part she wanted all to herself.

And then of course, there was cake, no explanation needed there, she sat smiling and pleased as we all sang the birthday song and quickly understood what she was to do with the candles. And later at dinner time, once the Mama told her there would not be another piece of cake for dessert unless all the vegetables were also eaten on her plate, those veggies were quickly gobbled up and birthday cake devoured lickety split. Today she will be taking cupcakes to preschool and I am su
re, more attention will eagerly be lavished upon her. What fun! Happy Birthday Meika, we are glad you are ours!

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Kate said...

Happy Birthday Meika!

I hope you had a wonderful day and will enjoy each day in the coming year.

Mommy's Friend, Kate