Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I’m driving and from the backseat I hear “Mom, mom! I’m pulling my forehead off!” I don’t answer.

“Mom, did you hear me?!”

“Yes dear, I heard you, I’m driving and I can’t look right now.” (I actually have no idea what she is doing, but know she is playing around in some way, not in real danger).

“Mom, don’t you care if I pull off my face?”

“Yes dear, I care, are you really pulling off your face?”

“No, I guess not.” End of conversation. Once we stop and I get a look at her face for the first time I am horrified. “What on earth happened to your head?!” For right there, smack dab in the middle of her forehead is a huge purple circle! Turns out she stuck the suction cup from the brand new sun shades on her forehead and proceeded to play tug of war with it. I’m just glad she didn’t stick it all over her face! So, as we were on vacation at the time, many photos were taken, see if you can spot the ‘head hicky’ in each shot.

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Kathleenn said...

Head hicky - omgosh that cracked me up....