Saturday, March 07, 2009


Last week we got hit with that big east coast snow storm. It was nice to see it really snow and I would have loved to just sit and enjoy it and sip hot chocolate with the kids since of course the schools were closed, but alas, the office I work in closes for NO reason apparently; hurricanes, states of emergency, what ever, that place keeps its doors open. You never know while in crisis whether there just might be a graphics emergency, apparently I must make my way there. So, when there are snow days I must decide if I should use a precious vacation day or spend it imposing on friends for a place to deposit my children. Oh, please forgive my whining and enjoy the resulting snow day photos!
Lily of course was rolling in the snow the second her boots stepped out the door, but I think that this was the first time Meika had seen the stuff and she wasn't at all impressed. She didn't want to touch it or have it touch her. She spent the whole time while we were out just standing there staring at it as if to say "So why are we out here and who made the whole of the outside white?"


Debby said...

Wow! That's a decent amount of snow!!!!!
Sorry you had to go into work though....


Kara said...

adorable photos. :) I don't look nearly that cute in the snow. Mostly because I'm too busy cursing and sliding around.